Staying Motivated after New Years

Upon entering the gym, I can see dozens of people that I hadn’t seen in 2017. With the fresh start to a new year, it is only a matter of weeks before these new faces will again disappear. In order to avoid being one of the many people who let their New Year’s resolution slip by the wayside, there are several easy tricks you can do to ensure that you stay motivated!

Set attainable short-term goals

The concept of dieting, nutrition, and fitness is always centered on a WIG, or wildly important goal. This may revolve around losing a substantial amount of weight, overhauling a diet, or simply beginning to try new things.

Short-term goals make the WIG more attainable. Set a weekly weight loss number that is achievable. Instead of changing everything you eat, strive to cut calories by several hundred, or pick one meal per day that will be ‘healthy’. By achieving several short-term goals on a consistent basis, you will have your beach body in no time!

Cheat Days

You have to understand that the mental side of EVERY aspect of these areas is a critical factor. If it feels like torture, who is going to stay with that? Not this guy…

So you ate well all week? Have a burger on Saturday. You went to the gym and busted your butt? Enjoy an evening on the couch in your pajamas. You have to provide yourself that mental food that will push you to pressing on for the next week. Eventually, you will have formed a habit, and a new lifestyle.

Buddy System

A 2017 study showed that gym members had a 67% drop-out rate if they came by themselves, compared to just a 9% dropout rate for those who had a ‘buddy’. This is staggering. HUGE!

A support system is important. Without a support system, that cheat day may become a cheat week, and then a month. Find a buddy that is already established in whatever area you are looking to grow in. Even better, find a buddy that has the same goals as you. Being accountable to someone will keep you motivated, and on the path to a new you!

Write it down

When you go to bed, what is the last place you go to before putting your head on the pillow? The first place you visit when you wake up? Most all of us would say the bathroom. What if you had your WIG written down and attached to your bathroom mirror?

This concept is simple, but EXTREMELY effective. If there is one strategy that can propel people to stay motivated, this is it! Write it down and place it where you can see it every day!

Motivation is entirely self-controlled. You have made the decision to make a change in your life when the New Year ticked over, now you must stay the course. These little tricks can go a long way into ensuring you aren’t the next 2 week gym member!